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We are Proud to be an Industry Leader with EHR, HIS, and Financial Management Solutions for Hospitals of Any Size.

How is Empower Different?

Empower takes very seriously the issues facing all areas of medicine, and takes equally as seriously our obligation to serve our partner hospitals in such a way that mitigates these issues. Our entire team, built of clinical and technical experts, continually strives to deliver compelling, comprehensive, scalable solutions for all areas of hospital operations. Our proven user-friendliness promotes acceptance by the both clinical and administrative staff. The Empower team understands complex departmental workflow and approaches development, training, and support from that standpoint. Technology solutions are driven by the end users needs. It is from this perspective that our product suite is developed and continues to improve with the input of our valued partners.

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Designed to Deliver Technology Efficiently and Support Expectations for Years to Come.

  • Establish Clear Project Scope

    To ensure we meet, or exceed, expectations.

  • Provide Competitive Pricing

    Empower offers flexible options for all budgets.

  • Establish Efficient Deployment Timeline

    Empower leads the industry in speed to deployment.

  • Comprehensive Product GoLive

    Empower leads the industry in user-acceptance.

  • Robust 24 / 7 / 365 Support

    Empower provides real-time support for technical issues.

Our Story

From the ED to becoming the hospital backbone, Empower Systems continues to innovate.


Empower Systems™ is an industry-leading software company which designs, develops, and deploys ONC Certified EHR solutions and Core Hospital Information System technologies for facilities of any size. The user-friendly, comprehensive solutions have a proven track record of integrating with, or replacing, ANY Core HIS, documenting 100% of a patient’s clinical information, and bringing both Hospitals and Doctors’ office environments paperless in record time.


Empower was founded in 1999 by Seth Guterman, MD FACEP, a top physician in his field and a hospital turnaround expert whose process improvement expertise targets Risk Management, Government Compliance, and Enhanced Workflow Strategies. Given his ability to cross numerous specialties with knowledge of all hospital departments, he has become an effective leader in medical executive meetings, advising chairmen of multiple hospitals and key decision-makers at the administrative level. As a clinically practicing, board certified emergency medicine physician, he understands hospital politics, budget constraints, and individual motivations (the psychology of sales & client situations). Dr. Guterman developed Empower Systems™ in high-volume emergency departments with the input of more than 200 collective minds, including professionals in the areas of coding, billing, malpractice (plaintiff and defense attorneys), physician leadership, hospital administration, nurses and many others. The result is the most comprehensive EHR on the market, an achievement noted by JCAHO when Empower Systems™ was nationally recognized by the commission in 2002 in the publication “Accreditation Issues for Emergency Departments.”


Building upon the proven success of Empower ED™, the Empower Systems™ product suite expanded from the ED to address the needs of all hospital units and doctors’ offices. Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ entered the marketplace in 2007 from a strategic standpoint in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. By offering a unique clinical, business & technical perspective, hospitals are able to install the system with no up-front costs and doctors’ offices are integrated for free, thus synchronizing both elements of the hospital environment into a single, integrated system that interacts seamlessly with existing core hospital information systems. Combine this with the full integration of Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Consultant Software systems, etc. and the benefits are resounding.


In mid-2011, Empower Systems™ was pleased to announce a major expansion of our product suite to include comprehensive Hospital Information System (HIS) technology with the release of Empower HIS™. As numerous EHR-related start-ups have entered the potentially lucrative Healthcare IT market with limited success, established vendors such as Empower Systems™ continue to expand our client base by delivering proven HIT technology to hospitals across the country.


The HIS marketplace has been dominated by publicly traded corporations and their Healthcare IT subsidiaries, but because clinical documentation (EHR) and hospital system (HIS) environments are so complex, delivering usable and scalable solutions of cutting edge technology does not prove to be a simple task. Enterprise solutions frequently maintain antiquated system architecture and cumbersome user interfaces, which can inhibit efficiency and limit true return on investment. In this climate of Federal Healthcare Incentives, HIT products are now held to much higher standards for end users and administrators.


Empower HIS™ is built upon cutting-edge system architecture and offers both local and cloud-based implementation options. The feature-rich technologies include ADT/Patient Registration, Lab Information System, Radiology Information System, Pharmacy Management, Surgical Suite Management, Hospital Scheduling, Coding + Billing Management, Insurance & Contract Management, and more.


Because this is such a transitional time in the Healthcare IT environment, most hospitals are reassessing their existing clinical documentation systems and hospital information systems in an effort to maximize productivity and ROI. Empower Systems™ clients are able to benefit from seamlessly connected systems from the Emergency Department, Inpatient units, Physician offices, and now the HIS backbone on which all systems reside. As the healthcare landscape is increasingly shaped by the federal government’s ambitious initiatives and industry reform, Empower Systems™ seeks to leverage visionary technology based upon deep clinical knowledge and assist its clients in making the correct strategic decisions for the future.

Technologies Utilized

Empower leverages the best technologies available and partners with like-minded teams.