Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ for Administrators

Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ assists administrators with enhanced patient satisfaction and throughput, risk management, government compliance, unlimited real-time data accessibility, and a financial performance guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ is the ONC Certified Comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) that ensures 100% User Acceptance and Meaningful Use Compliance. The stunning user-friendliness and limited training required enables physicians and nurses to be not only proficient, but skilled almost immediately.

Product Features

Compelling Reasons Why Clients Choose the Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ Product

Compelling User Acceptance

This is the only EHR with all physicians, and all clinical staff on computers, all the time, hospital-wide, from Day One. All clinical units benefit from a user-friendly, comprehensive clinical documentation repository which supports medical decision-making, improves the professional lives of clinicians, and supports Meaningful Use compliance…translating to user acceptance.

Fully Comprehensive

Empower offers the ONC Certified Comprehensive EHR which can serve as the clinical backbone to take your facility completely paperless in record time. By capturing 100% of clinical data for every patient and organizing it into documentation that is accessible to ALL hospital departments, successful EHR technology is easily within reach.

Designed by Clinicians

Documenting with Empower is intuitive and logical for physicians and nurses alike. They need only learn 8 and 6 buttons, respectively, in order to produce a complete medical record for every patient. Smart Technology ensures that the rest of the chart is complete with all necessary documentation.

Proven ROI

Empower provides measurable cost savings plus increased revenue. Capturing all charges in every department means unparalleled profit and positive financial performance. Empower requires that clinicians document care more thoroughly and in accordance with government compliance and coding mandates, which means appropriate billing for every patient and therefore a sizeable revenue increase.

What Hospital Administrators Love

Meaningful Use Compliant

Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ is a 2014 Edition ONC Certified EHR with a proven track record support clients in successfully meeting Meaningful Use attestation objectives. Empower ED™ clients have benefitted from all ONC compliance aspects from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and beyond.

Financial Performance

Rapid cost recovery of all Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ expenditures (License, Maintenance, Hardware). Average recovery of 5-year total cost of ownership is 6 months depending upon hospital volume and payor mix. Empower sites report an average of 25% lost charges pre-Empower. Accurate Level of Service (E&M codes) to Eliminate Down-Coding. Accurate (increased) Level of Service means proven increased collections.

Administrative Reports & Data Mining

Data Warehouse containing 100% of Clinical Data. Unlimited Data Mining and Administrative Reports (MUAM, Operational Performance Indicators, Key Performance Indicators, Quality Assurance, etc.) Consolidated Reporting between Multiple Facilities

Best Clinical Practices

100% Usage by Clinicians 24/7 from Day One. Sophisticated system with Smart Technology on the back-end, and a User-Friendly front-end. Incredible Ease-of-Use with formal training of Less than One Hour. Supports individual hospital’s Clinical Pathways and other Quality of Care Initiatives Customization to Hospital & Personalization to individual Clinical Users.

Enhanced Patient Safety

Dramatic Improvement in Patient Throughput. Significant Decrease in Door-to-Doc Times. Mandatory Risk Management for Abnormal Vital Signs, High-Risk Chief Complaints, etc. Improved Patient Satisfaction Scores and Clinician Satisfaction.

ICD-10 Compliant

Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ can function as a technological layer residing atop any existing Core HIS. Many administrators select this option to address common shortfall in their existing Core HIS which are not designed from a clinical perspective for the unique environment of the hospital units.

Robust Reporting & Actionable Data Mining

Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ enables hospital administrators to track, trend, and leverage invaluable structured data. This translates to actionable strategies that improve operations, compliance, and financial growth.

This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

VENDOR NAME: EmpowerSystems™
PRODUCT NAME & VERSION: EmpowerInpatient+Ambulatory Version 1.1.57
LINK TO ONC WEBSITE: oncchpl.force.com/ehrcert/CHPLHome
ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE: ConnectEHR, CQMsolution, PresenTense Time Client