Empower for Clinicians

Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory™ is the ONC Certified Comprehensive EHR which can serve as the clinical backbone to take your facility completely paperless in record time. By capturing 100% of clinical data for every patient and organizing it into documentation that is accessible to ALL hospital departments, successful EHR technology is easily within reach.

100% User Acceptance | All Users, All the Time

This is the only EHR with all physicians, and all clinical staff on computers, all the time, hospital-wide, from Day One. All clinical units benefit from a user-friendly, comprehensive clinical documentation repository which supports medical decision-making, improves the professional lives of clinicians, and supports Meaningful Use compliance…translating to user acceptance.

Total User-Friendliness |  8 Buttons for Doctors, 6 Buttons for Nurses

Documenting in empowerInpatient+AmbulatoryTM is intuitive and logical for physicians and nurses alike. They need only learn 8 and 6 buttons, respectively, in order to produce a complete medical record for every patient. Smart Technology ensures that the rest of the chart is complete with all necessary documentation.

Easy Physician Orders |  One-Click Order Entry

empowerInpatient+AmbulatoryTM simplifies the Order Entry process significantly. Any time an order is entered, including verbal orders, they are highlighted to notify the physician to sign off on them. This means NO incomplete charts/medical records, NO unsigned orders, and translates to 100% physician acceptance.

SOAP Notes |  One Time, One Place

The physician’s SOAP note is tremendously flexible and much faster than paper or inefficient electronic documentation. Available one time, frequently used in one place, assessment plans and templates can be built and easily edited, saving significant time.

Workflow Does Not Change |  All the Pros Without the Cons

The clinical process is not altered—it’s enhanced and streamlined. For nurses, every aspect of documenting patient care is more efficient, and physicians can maintain their preferred method of documentation: transcription, Voice Dragon, or free-text can be used at any time for thorough but fast documentation.

Easy Trending + Filtering |  A Nurse’s Dream

Empower automatically calculates fluid intakes and outputs (Is & Os, etc.) and performs automatic trending for your hardworking nurses and populates the patient’s chart with this crucial data.

Data at Your Fingertips |  Unlimited Forms + Reports

The integrated form builder offers as many forms as clinicians want. All data is captured in structured fields, translating to unlimited MUAM, OPI, and QA reports for clinical staff and hospital administration.

Empower for IT Professionals

Empower Inpatient™ is an ONC Certified Comprehensive EHR with open system architecture designed for efficient maintenance and seamless integration with ANY Core Hospital Information System.

Stable Microsoft SQL Platform

Empower Inpatient + Ambulatory™ is built on an open systems architecture as a philosophical basis for the future of Healthcare IT. SQL is an incredibly robust, stable database that can store almost unlimited information. Proprietary systems, on the other hand, are not as stable, are more difficult and expensive to maintain, and require more downtime, unlike Empower, which requires almost no downtime.


Empower uses as few hospital resources as possible, requiring only 20 to 40 hours of work for all interfaces.

Hardware & Software

Empower Inpatient + Ambulatory™ works with virtually any Windows-based hardware, from desktops to wireless laptops to tablet PCs/iPads. Hardware selected by a hospital is a matter of user preference, depending on whether users prefer to point & click, tab, scroll, or employ touchscreens.

Enterprise Capability

Non-redundant, seamless transfer of information between all hospital units, physician offices, and hospital networks.

Comprehensive Implementation Methodology

Empower Inpatient + Ambulatory™ has every step from User Training to GoLive to Interface Development down to a science.

Efficient Project Management

Empower Inpatient + Ambulatory™ employs real-time project management software to ensure that our team and the hospital’s team can quickly identify the status of tasks leading up to GoLive. In effect, Empower outsources to itself the func- tion of most traditional roles the hospital must fulfill on a project of this nature. This enables us to guarantee full deployment within an industry-leading timeframe, while most projects of this nature are still underway after many years.

Hands-Off Product

Empower Inpatient + Ambulatory™ requires very minimal upkeep by the IT department, meaning your staff can be involved as much or as little as they want.

Unparalleled Support

The Empower Partnership delivers unprecedented IT & Clinical Support 24/7/365 to ensure that we deliver on the promise of improved quality of care and patient satisfaction, reduced length of stay, and a truly integrated EHR. Empower Inpatient + Ambulatory™ also provides a seamless rollout of enhancements as the result of ongoing product development to constantly improve the product suite.

Empower for Hospital Administrators

Empower Inpatient™ is an ONC Certified Comprehensive EHR that delivers compelling ROI, robust data mining, and an efficient total cost of ownership (TCO) sought after by the hospital leadership of today.

Compelling Return on Investment

As one of the first ONC-Certified Complete EHRs, Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory has been an active partner for clients seeking to maximize the benefits of ARRA/HITECH Healthcare Stimulus incentives. Empower Inpatient+Ambulatory provides immediate, and measurable, cost savings plus increased revenue. Capturing all charges in every department means unparalleled profit and positive financial performance. Empower requires that clinicians document care more thoroughly and in accordance with government compliance and coding mandates, which means appropriate billing for every patient and therefore a sizeable revenue increase. It’s time to reap the financial rewards your facility needs and ‘empower’ clinical care hospital-wide.

Administrative Reports & Data Mining

Best Clinical Practices

Enhanced Patient Safety


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This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Empower Systems™ is an industry-leading software company which designs, develops, and deploys ONC Certified comprehensive EHR solutions and Core Hospital Information System technologies for facilities of any size.

The user-friendly, comprehensive solutions have a proven track record of integrating with, or replacing, ANY Core HIS, documenting 100% of a patient’s clinical information, and bringing both Hospitals and Doctors’ office environments paperless in record time.

Contact us now to learn how efficiently you can install EHR and HIS solutions to meet Government Compliance, CMS Stimulus incentives, and true ROI.


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