Integration Services

Creating Seamless Communication with Any Existing EHR/HIS

EmpowerSystems™ delivers a full spectrum of advanced integration solutions to meet client needs. Whether HL7, scripting, or custom development is required, our clients benefit from efficient, stable, integrated technologies.

HL7 Engine Interfaces


EmpowerSystems™ supports the standards of Health Level 7 (HL7) for stable, efficient integration of multiple EHR elements. Please select from the following options to view full HL7 specifications for each hospital application:


  • HL7 ADT/Registration Specifications
  • HL7 Orders Specifications
  • HL7 Results Specifications
  • HL7 Charges Specifications
  • HL7 Vital Signs Specifications
  • HL7 Pharmacy Specifications
Scripting Software Interfaces


For facilities that choose not to, or not equipped to, adopt HL7 standards for integration, EmpowerSystems™ develops customized Scripted interfaces for streamlined access to all necessary EHR data.

XML Interfaces


XML interfaces are developed to support a variety of custom feeds between the EmpowerSystems™ EHR and ancillary systems. Development of these interfaces is personalized to the needs of each facility.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Interfaces


File Transfer Protocol interfaces are developed to support automated data transfers, frequently in large batch quantities. Outsourced billing companies frequently benefit from this functionality for streamlined, automated access to provider and facility billing data.

Import/Export Document Imaging System


Integrated access to all document imaging content has become increasingly important to EmpowerSystems™ clients. The fewer clicks needed to review high resolution scans and imaging content enables providers to assess patient care quickly, and from a variety of locations and hardware platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.)

Continuing Care Document (CCD) Interfaces


The increasing importance of CCD access is underscored by recent compliance mandates. In order for client to truly maximize Empower’s ONC Certified products and capitalize on CMS Stimulus Incentives, CCD and related requirements are crucial.

Support for All Departments


EmpowerSystems™ integration experts deliver efficient, stable integration functionality for every are of hospital information systems (HIS). The proven implementation model leads the industry in expedience and minimization of resources required. This translates to projects delivered on time without the need for teams of FTEs at the client’s expense.


  • Registration / ADT
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • ECG Interfaces (MUSE, etc.)
  • GI Diagnostic
  • Cardiology Diagnostic
  • Vitals Monitor
  • CPOE Diagnostic Tests
  • CPOE Pharmacy Integration
Established Cross-Vendor Integration


  • Meditech Magic
  • Meditech Client Server
  • McKesson Paragon
  • McKesson HBOC
  • Cerner
  • Keane
  • CPSI
  • NextGen
  • Eclipsys
  • MedGenix
  • Quest Laboratory Systems
Integration Partners


  • DHIT
  • DoseSpot
  • First DataBank
  • ExitCare
  • SureScripts
Integration Partners


  • DHIT
  • DoseSpot
  • First DataBank
  • ExitCare
  • SureScripts
Integration Partners


  • DHIT
  • DoseSpot
  • First DataBank
  • ExitCare
  • SureScripts

This EHR Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


  • VENDOR NAME: EmpowerSystems™
  • DATE CERTIFIED: 4/29/14
  • PRODUCT NAME & VERSION: EmpowerInpatient+Ambulatory Version 1.1.57
  • PRACTICE TYPE: Inpatient