Joint Commission

Joint Commission

Empower ED™ Evaluated by The Joint Commission

Empower Systems™ was thrilled in 2002 when Joint Commission visited an Empower ED™ Emergency Department in Chicago to evaluate its compliance and ended up devoting an entire chapter to Empower ED™ in its Accreditation Issues for Emergency Departments publication. With Empower Systems™ you can rest assured that compliance issues will be eliminated. Smart Technology enhances patient care and medical decision-making to reflect all requirements.

The Joint Commission creates documentation regulations to protect patients and ensure quality medical care. Empower Systems™ guarantees compliance with these crucial issues.


• 100% Compliant with Joint Commission Standards for Clinical Documentation
• 100% Compliant with HIPAA Standards
• 100% Compliant with CMS Standards
• 100% Compliant with ONC-ATCB Certification Standards

The Problem


“Joint Commission violations in the Emergency Department often come from problems with documentation. Empower ED™ nicely resolves these issues, and contributes significantly to patient safety.”


Jay Weinstein, President of Symphony Health Systems

From the Report


“This [facility] uses a complete electronic medical record. This technology enabled the ED to maintain Joint Commission compliance…”


“Before going electronic, about half of [the facility’s] charts were illegible and inadequate for billing, were non-defendable for malpractice cases, and were non-compliant with government standards for clinical documentation.”


“[The hospital] launched a fully electronic medical chart that has enabled the Emergency Department to correct a number of deficiencies that frequently create compliance problems with Joint Commission standards.”


“This book…end with a case study on the wireless operation of a large urban emergency department that has overcome many compliance-related challenges by automating its documentation functions.”