Want To Fix Health Care? Start Valuing Doctors

27 Nov Want To Fix Health Care? Start Valuing Doctors

By Jamie Wells, M.D.
Date: November 27, 2017
Source: www.acsh.org

Here’s a novel approach, appreciate and value the physicians in actual practice and watch job satisfaction soar. But, since such a long game strategy for repairing an ever fragmenting healthcare system is not the current default position, don’t be so surprised that almost 1 in 5 U.S. physicians plan to reduce their clinical hours in the coming year and nearly 1 in 50 expect to leave the field entirely in the next 2 years to focus on a different career.

According to a recent report “Professional Satisfaction and the Career Plans of US Physicians” in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, multiple studies have demonstrated there is a strong correlation between a doctor’s intent to leave and his actual departure. With national research demonstrating over 50% of physicians experience burnout (and rising), paying attention to why can directly influence retention given its significant contributing factor to attrition. The main culprits: excessive clerical burden, electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry, loss of autonomy, flexibility and control as well as diminished balance in life.

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